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New Code Aims to Ease Suspensions of Students

NYC public schools will no longer suspend students for one-time minor infractions (such as tardiness, cell phones, or talking back). While I’m glad to see a move like this rather than in the “sweat the small stuff” direction taken by some large charter networks (AHEM, Noble Street), I do agree with the criticism that teachers and staff need training and support to be able to follow these new guidelines. Otherwise, this becomes just a way to lower the number of suspensions.

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When Rahm's Temper Made a Comeback | NBC Chicago

You know, I don’t expect every high-profile city official to send his or her children to our public schools. But what if they did? Maybe then, they’d have to pay attention to the conditions that the rest of us have to deal with. And maybe they’d start to rethink some of the policies they’ve shoved down our throats.

What really irks me about Rahm’s temper tantrum is that he is so sure about what’s right for Chicago Public Schools: standardized testing, security cutbacks, charter schools, turnaround schools, teacher evaluations based on test scores. Yet there’s not enough good in the public school system to send his kids there. He is sending them to a school that doesn’t emphasize standardized tests, that has a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, that has nearly-unlimited resources. 

How is this not a public issue?

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Kids Rethink New Orleans Schools

This site is heartwarming and wonderful. ReThink is a partnership between middle school kids and organizations in New Orleans whose purpose is to make sure that kids have a voice in the restructuring of New Orleans schools.

After Hurricane Katrina, many students had to attend school elsewhere—and as they put it, “For the first time most of us saw school bathrooms with toilet paper and soap, libraries with books and hallways with lockers. It made us realize what good schools actually look like.”


The work that ReThink has done looks wonderful—they’ve come up with a list of recommendations for improving schools (focused on restorative justice, local & fresh food, and renewable energy). They’ve also written some articles for local newspapers and created a report on school lunches in the area!

Check it out—well worth it!

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